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About us

We think it's more important what you do not who does it, and therefore we avoid all personalism. We are a group of people we bring our enthusiasm, effort and experience to pull out a business project with an overwhelming history (few bookstores there are over 250 years of experience) and a future with more possibilities than ever.
Our project is no small thing: managing a small library (maybe not so small: 200 m2 of exhibition space, 15,000 books, 30,000 items of stationery and gift) in a small town located in the periphery (in all imaginable peripheries), in XXI century where everything seems so affordable and yet everything falls this far.
We like to think our company contributed something to the dissemination of culture, and participate and help spread the idea that culture (all cultures) makes us more human, more people. We know that we are 'creators' of culture, but serve as far as we can by putting it within reach of people.
We know our place and we do not hold any other, so you do not want to be authors or publishers, or distributors, agents or cultural, or critical, or patrons: only want to be booksellers, because we think things go better if each you do your job, and it does it well.
In this sense we are not just sales agents. We do not just buying and selling, because in the immensity of the flood of what is published, we need to make an effort to select and offer our customers what we believe is worthwhile. And the criteria we apply are very clear: openness and diversity of ideas, freedom of thought, universality of culture, critical view of society, equality of persons and peoples.
And all this without forgetting that we are only a small bookstore in a small town. But we support local authors and literature with the same enthusiasm that the great works of other authors Catalans and universal.
Think, work and act in Catalan, and in this sense we practice every day the idea that Catalan is one among all the world, and it is also ours.
We have no clear policy guidance and understand that everyone has their own affinities, but as an organization we reject any social and political approach does not participate in the ideas of equality, freedom and respect for individuals, peoples and their ways of thinking, and active promotion of human rights and peace.
This attitude is a majority (with nuances, of course) between those who are part of the library Viladrich, and try to choose our partners with afins approaches. Clients include a wide range, but we have not engaged in proselytizing of our 'ideas', and therefore understand that they do not like as we are no longer veienen simply.
Our history, as you can read below, is by far and that always outputs a character, but look to the future. We try to keep up in a globalized world, tech and computerized, so it can offer from the local book published a century ago, to a digital book. We have a store of 'life', but we also have two in the network: a book on paper and eBook (we like to call 'eLlibres').

We have three differentiate places, two of them located in Tortosa and other in Amposta:

   ·"La 2 de Viladrich (Tortosa), a generalist bookshop with a great fund of local books and literary novelties of every kind of genres, as well as stationary shop.

   · "Art i Papers Viladrich" (Tortosa) is our specialised shop in fine arts, handicrafts and specialised stationary shop.

   · And "Ebrebooks and Espai Cultural Guaix" (Amposta), a generalist bookshop, current and specialised stationary shop and coffee shop.

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